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Turn Your Town Into a Team®

Collaborate with your community partners to improve client outcomes.

The Power of Collective Impact

Signify Community helps you collaborate with an alliance of community partners to better manage and improve client outcomes. Our affordable, easy-to-use platform provides helpful tools for delivering electronic referrals, coordinating service delivery, and collaborating with your community on a shared record.

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Collaborate with Your Community to Address Unmet Needs

No one person, program, or organization can improve the health of your community alone—it takes a team.


Manage Your Clients

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, endless calls, and sticky notes. Digitize your entire client workflow to ensure no one falls through the cracks.


Improve Collaboration

With simple collaboration tools, you and your alliance of community partners can safely share information and build longitudinal records that stay with the clients over time.


Measure and Improve Outcomes

Track program enrollment and service delivery with reporting tools that support collective impact initiatives and help secure grant funding.

Learn how community alliances across the country are collaborating to improve lives.

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Signify Community: An Easy-to-Use  Collaboration Platform

Signify Community helps CBOs improve client outcomes and collective impact with:


Client Management Tools

A comprehensive set of tools to document client intake, perform assessments, track program enrollment, and manage service delivery.


Collaboration Features

Deliver, receive, and track eligible program referrals, co-manage personalized social care plans, and coordinate the delivery of services.


Permission-Based Access

A sophisticated privacy framework allows you to securely receive client authorizations and safely share information with your alliance of community partners.


Longitudinal Social Records

Track all relevant client information on a live timeline that stays with your clients over time and across settings, providing more informed care and decreasing program enrollment burden.


Resource Directory

Tap into a curated list of verified and local community programs, and connect clients with resources best suited to help them.


Reporting Tools

Measure health and social outcomes with analytics and reporting features that support collective impact funding.

Start collaborating with your community for better outcomes and collective impact today.

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